Honesty Environmental Services

Environmental Consulting and Testing Services Company

Established in 1994

Experienced and licensed lead professionals including lead inspectors and lead risk assessors capable of managing any lead based project that you may have. 



Honesty Environmental Services has provided a diverse client base since 1994. Clients varying from Public Building Owners, Public & Private School Districts, Federal and State, Healthcare, Airports, Commercial Multi-Use Structures, Industrial Facilities & Storm Damage Emergency Response Consulting Services

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Corporate Office:

14420 W. Sylvanfield Drive

Suite #200

Houston, Texas 77014


Office Telephone: 713-856-5354

Fax: 713-856-8281​

Email: Info@Honestyenvironmental.com

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Asbestos Pipe Debris

Asbestos Containing Pipe above ceiling contaminating area.