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HES encourages innovation from its staff and is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in its practice areas.  Our members of staff are familiar with a wide range of local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations.  Intensive networking among the professionals within the offices of HES and the environmental community assures that thorough professionalism can be applied to any task on behalf of our clients. 


Technical leadership is maintained through professional development programs, research activities, participation in national professional organizations, attendance in nationally recognized training programs and through continuing education. 


The in-house QA/QC programs for our operations have proven to be of an excellent quality, accepted and approved by clients nationwide. 


Every project is assigned a project manager to assure that project requirements are met.  This individual monitors schedules, costs, and quality control. His responsibilities include client communications, cost controls, detailed work plans and the oversight of the professionals assigned to the project.  The project manager monitors the technical aspects of the project, strives to resolve problems quickly, and ensures that the resources of the firm are available for the project.


HES has in place a peer review program as part of its total quality management program.  This policy provides for comprehensive reviews of project work and deliverables.  The peer review assures that the scope of work is as agreed to; that applicable regulations are addressed; that data collection methods were appropriate and that all data has been validated; that lab test procedures were followed and labs were appropriately certified and QA/QCed; that graphs, calculations, and drawings are correct and agree with the text; that computer programs have been tested and approved; that project criteria, approaches and assumptions are reasonable, correct, and solve the intended problem; that any report is well written; that files are complete, that opinions, conclusions and recommendations are documented in files; that we have identified for the client risks and limitations that are inherent in the project.